Julieen Zhang Howie - CoFounder Pursuit of Wag and professional dog spoilerHi! I'm Julieen. Accountant by day, entrepreneur and homebody by night, and full time dog mom. Thank you for visiting Pursuit of Wag, curated gift boxes for dogs that brings you the best in luxury dog products.

My cofounder Danny and I share a passion for dogs and believe in romanticizing the little moments of hygge they share with us. We also believe that we can do more than just buy them toys and treats from big box pet stores—we can give them an experience.

That's why we founded Pursuit of Wag. Each one of our curated boxes aim to capture the warm and fuzzy feelings of a shared play session, fun dress up day, or even a rainy day inside. When you order one of our boxes, you'll receive a beautifully-curated collection of high-quality treats and unique toys and accessories that have been tested and loved by my own dogs, Norbert and Bernadette (are they not the cutest?!)

And what's more is that we source these products from small businesses and emerging brands, so every single item comes straight from the heart.

We want to provide an unboxing experience for people like us: young, stylish, health-conscious dog parents who want to provide the same quality of life for their pets as they do themselves and their own children.

Say hi to us on instagram @pursuitofwag and be sure to sign up for our newsletter for discounts and new collections announcements! Thank you so much for stopping by!